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Supportive Comfort: Choosing the Perfect Nursing Bra For After Baby is Born March 4, 2015 23:44

For all my lovely ladies who cannot come into the store, this is a blog all about choosing the best nursing bras for your hospital bag and for when supportive comfort is what you crave.

First thing is I'm referring to nursing 'bras' in the plural form because you will need more than one! We say three is the minimum so that you have one to wear, one in the wash and one that is ready to change into when your little angel deposits puke, poop or whatever on you (sorry).

Second point I would like to address is that at some point in recent history, a surely well-intentioned person suggested that women should wait until the baby is born to buy nursing bras. It seems like it could make sense but NO DON'T WAIT!! After seeing a number of women with 2-day old babies hobble into the store desperate for a bra (and sleep) I would like to respectfully suggest that there is no need to wait to buy a bra.

Quality nursing bras are made of materials that will adapt to your changing body. Simply buy a bra designed for breastfeeding with material that stretches and make sure there is room to grow in the cup and room to shrink in the band.

Chances are when your milk comes in you will go up one or two cup sizes and at the same time once the baby is born your rib cage will shrink back down (especially if you employ post-partum compression).

Now some of you may be thinking, "What if I can't nurse? I don't want to waste money on nursing bras." This is the biggest myth of all. Yes some women cannot breastfeed for medical reasons. Many women who can in fact breastfeed get stressed, get bad advice, get discouraged and give up. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are afraid we can't do it and that baby is hungry and it hurts etc. so we supplement with formula and then because when it comes to breastfeeding 'demand equals supply' and there is less demand (nursing), we end up with less supply (milk). 

The best advice was from a nurse who told me to give it 6 weeks before I gave up. And then at 6 weeks, I promised myself to go until 3 months and then by 3 months...heck I had spent that money on those bras - no way I was giving up! 

Ok so back to getting you some fabulous nursing bras... (the kind you will thank me about via email!) most likely if you are packing your hospital bag or just had your baby, you will want a bra that you can fall asleep in and that will be super gentle on your tender breasts. 

So without further delay here are Luna's Top 3 Supportive Comfort Bras in order of popularity:

1. Bravado Bodysilk Bra - Our most popular bra offers the coverage of a sports bra with removable pads.

2. Boob Fast Food Bra - Very stretchy, less 'bra' than the bodysilk and cute enough for Gwen Stefani to rock.

3. Cache Coeur 3D Light - made of spacer foam, women say it feels like air. Most supportive of the comfort bras.

Shop all the bras HERE

6 Reasons You will LOVE Aden + Anais Swaddles and Multi-Use Blankets February 21, 2015 09:50

To try them is to love them and here is why:

  1. The BEST PRICE on Aden & Anais Swaddles - OH YES WE DO!
  2. They are breathable. Sweaty baby are not happy babies. Muslin and Bamboo are both temperature regulating fabrics so they help baby stay warm without over-heating.
  3. They get softer with every wash. The perfect lovey.
  4. They are stylish, cute and sweet - perfect for family keepsakes with plenty of non-baby prints.
  5. High quality - won't shrink and will stand up to constant washing.
  6. They are huge - which means you can actually swaddle your (9lb) baby without losing your mind. It also means they are practical for a whole bunch of uses: a stroller cover that doesn't fall off every two feet, a blanket for your 4 year old that is the perfect size, a tummy time mat, a nursing cover...

You will wish they came in adult sizes! Check out the whole collection of Aden & Anais Swaddles HERE

Tips for How to Play With Our Children June 8, 2014 14:35

In SuperBaby, author Dr. Jenn Berman helps us to raise the level of play
...without taking it over. I find #5 in her "what not to do' list the hardest! 



1. Ask to join the play. "What would you like me to do?"
2. Describe what your child is doing: "I see you're putting the giraffe in the car."
3. Use effective praise: "You piled the blocks so high!"
4. Use noninvasive touch: Gently putting a hand on your child's back for a second to connect and show affection.
5. Build on your child's creative play: Is the giraffe washing his hair in the bathtub?"
1. Give instructions: "Now put the red block over here."
2. Make corrections: "Giraffes don't go in bathtubs."
3. Give commands: "Do it like this."
4. Give criticisms: "Don't be so messy."
5. Instruct & give lessons: "You drew it wrong; cars have 4 wheels not 3. Draw another wheel."
6. Use negative touch: Grabbing a child's wrist while saying, "Don't get paint on the table."
7. Interrupt: Talking over your child.