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Seraphine Summer 2018 Collection Does Not Disappoint May 18, 2018 00:30

Visiting a Seraphine showroom in Los Angeles in 2010 is what made us want to sell pregnancy wear. To see 'maternity clothes' done right was very rare at the time and we immediately signed up to be the first to bring Seraphine maternity to Canada.

Seraphine is world-renowned for dressing the hottest Hollywood celebs and is loved by fashion editors, bloggers and all the famous moms-to-be. They really know how to design clothes that are flattering for both during & after pregnancy.

You are worth feeling your best and the 2018 collection for spring summer does not disappoint. It is indeed one of their best - here are our top 3 wardrobe additions:

How to Take The Best Pregnancy & Family Photos September 22, 2017 20:56

1. Take professional photos. I felt like such a dinosaur that I avoided photos and of course the one photo that does exist is me at 9 months pregnant shot with awful light and from a brutal angle. 

2. Wear light colours. Whites, creams, pastels, soft greys will keep your photos light and airy.  
3. You can let your personality stand out by brightening up your photos with some bright colours if you wish,  just try to stay away from any patterns that may conflict with another family member’s outfit. 
4. Stay away from logos, same for cartoon characters if children will be included in the photos. 
4. Go extra on hair & make-up. It's easy to get washed out in photos so even if you are not a make up person - go extra - your everyday or work day make-up routine won't show as well in photos. 
5. Remember, you look better than you feel .The hormones of making babies are no joke! When you look back at these photos, you will realize what a hottie you are!!