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Seraphine Summer 2018 Collection Does Not Disappoint May 18, 2018 00:30

Visiting a Seraphine showroom in Los Angeles in 2010 is what made us want to sell pregnancy wear. To see 'maternity clothes' done right was very rare at the time and we immediately signed up to be the first to bring Seraphine maternity to Canada.

Seraphine is world-renowned for dressing the hottest Hollywood celebs and is loved by fashion editors, bloggers and all the famous moms-to-be. They really know how to design clothes that are flattering for both during & after pregnancy.

You are worth feeling your best and the 2018 collection for spring summer does not disappoint. It is indeed one of their best - here are our top 3 wardrobe additions:

Fight the Frump! Maternity & Nursing can be Sexy!! June 9, 2017 12:30

Stylish maternity dresses allow you to feel pregnant, proud and still sexy. Some pregnant women opt for large baggy clothes and tense up at the thought of a sexy maternity dress. While there is nothing wrong with comfy clothes, wouldn’t you love to look and feel your best while wearing cute, comfortable and fashionable maternity clothes?

 Sexy pregnancy dresses canada



Yes, maternity dresses can be sexy! Many women feel like they have to cover up the weight gain, but why not compliment the amazing changes that your body goes through with a flattering maternity dress that will highlight the changes you like while helping to camouflage the changes you are not too crazy about!


Check out this dress along with dozens more by clicking HERE

Wearing sexy maternity dresses instills the confidence to go anywhere, knowing you look amazing! Have a corporate event or wedding to attend? Want to head out for a nice dinner date with your significant other? What about looking and feeling amazing at your baby shower?

Regardless of the occasion, sexy maternity dresses are the answer! Our selection of maternity dresses is the most extensive collection available online, and we even offer free expedited shipping within Canada on all orders over $100. 

Stylish maternity clothes come in a wide range of styles, from hot cocktail styles that are suitable for a date night with your significant other to more conservative form fitting dresses that are appropriate for the office. Our selection of maternity dresses has you covered for everything from nights out to boardroom meetings.

Selecting the perfect maternity dress has a lot to do with your audience, but lucky for you we have you covered for every situation. A dress for a corporate event might require that you cover up ‘the girls’ but if you are looking for a dress to wear out with your significant other for a romantic evening, by all means why not highlight your assets with a bit of décolleté..

Then we have the always-fun meet up with the in-laws. Some women feel more comfortable wearing a dress that doesn’t draw too much attention to the belly area instead of one designed to really showcase the baby bump. From ultra conservative to ultra sexy, we have you covered.

Once you have a particular style in mind you can then pick out the perfect maternity dress to unleash your inner sexiness! Pregnancy is a very exciting stage of your life, so treasure it, embrace it, and kick those baggy maternity clothes to the curb. Now is the perfect time to give sexy maternity fashion a try!

Check out this dress along with dozens more by clicking HERE


Yes, Looking & Feeling Sexy Daily While Pregnant is Possible

Dressing down is a surefire way to feel down! As we get bigger the best thing we can do is to dress up – not down! Say goodbye to unflattering baggy maternity clothes that feel like you have a tarp on, because you can now find beautiful dresses so stylish that you could wear them to the local hotspot and turn heads without feeling like you are walking around with a large “I’m Pregnant” sign. Our complete selection of sexy maternity dresses provides you with endless options for all events, from those fancy nights out to just everyday errands.

Our selection is constantly growing, as we stock the hottest and newest styles to hit the market. All of the maternity dresses that you find on our website are currently in stock and ready for immediate shipping. All orders above $100 are also eligible to take advantage of our free shipping offer.

Sophisticated Maternity Dresses – Yes, We Have Those Too!

Don’t assume that a sexy maternity dress has to resemble something ultra sleek and hot along the lines of lingerie. Feeling sexy while you are pregnant starts with truly loving what you are wearing. Let’s be honest for a moment; wearing big baggy clothes just isn’t going to do the trick. Try combining an elegant maternity dress with a sexy maternity bra to make you feel incredible and emit that beautiful pregnancy glow!

With so many women opting to maintain pre-pregnancy style throughout their term it has resulted in a much larger selection of stylish dresses to select from. Some might blame society for the added pressure to remain beautiful, but the majority of women have the inner desire to feel and look their best throughout their pregnancy.

5 Simple Tips to Feel Ultra Sexy During Your Pregnancy

  1. Stay away from baggy clothes.

Simply put, you aren’t going to feel sexy wearing big baggy clothes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with proudly and elegantly showing off your changing form, so wear beautiful dresses with flattering cuts and fabrics.

  1. Don’t be afraid of color.

Black and white are always a great choice, but don’t be afraid to try a bold color or a wild print. Gone are the days that women try to mask the baby bump, so get with the times and show it off to the world with a comfortable and sexy maternity dress from one of our excellent designers.

  1. Heels can still be your friend.

We aren’t talking about six-inch stilettos here, but there is no rule against wearing a one or two inch heel that elongates your legs and creates a sleek and sexy shape. Match your sexy maternity dress with a pair of black pumps to really set your outfit off!

  1. Don’t ditch the makeup just yet.

There are several all-natural organic brands of makeup that can be safely used throughout your pregnancy. While you are going to carry a natural glow, complimenting it with smoky eyes and some neutral lips can really make you feel sexy.

  1. Emit confidence.

If you feel confident inside then it is going to radiate through, and dressing in maternity clothes that make you feel beautiful and sexy is going to help turn that confidence up a notch!

Our entire line of sexy maternity dresses are so stylish that you will be glad to know that most will grown and shrink with you so that you can wear them for years not months!

Check out this dress along with dozens more by clicking HERE



Best Selection of Tiffany Rose Dresses for Maternity & Nursing in Canada November 23, 2016 14:37

A few years ago we were scouring the globe for formal maternity dresses and gowns for our customer's special occasions. We fell in love with Tiffany Rose pregnancy and breastfeeding dresses because they look as good as they feel! From stretchy lace to lined jersey dresses, there is something for daytime as well as formal gala events. Luna has the biggest selection of Tiffany Rose dresses in Canada. We offer free shipping and free returns. Order a few, keep what you love. Shop the collection HERE.Tiffany Rose Canada Maternity Formal Gowns Lace Dresses

Holiday Shopping & Official Shipping Timelines November 20, 2016 22:50

This weekend we had snow, the Santa Clause parade in town and holiday shopping on the brain. 

For everyone thinking of maternity gifts for their pregnant loved one or new mom in the family we continue to stock the biggest selection of flattering pregnancy and nursing fashion.  We select clothing that will grow and shrink with you and flatter at any stage. Apologies to your friends as they will have to buy their own maternity clothes; you won't be donating these items.

See HERE for shipping timelines within Canada.

Please see HERE for shipping timelines to the USA and elsewhere. 

Please use the notes section of your order to give us any instructions and 'Need By' dates.

December 19 is the official Canada Post deadline for expedited parcels within Canada for non-remote locations (i.e. not very many 0s in the postal code).

To celebrate family (a blessing we share every day) and the spirit of the season (love one another) we have an exciting collaboration in the works. Stay tuned - and remember: life is good.

Loving the Seraphine Bump Kit for Easy Pregnancy Style! November 10, 2016 21:00

Figuring out what to wear on any given day can be a challenge - but when your body is often doing new and wacky things - having "nothing to wear" actually happens. Regularly. How depressing. Oh wait - it's the Seraphine pregnancy clothing must-have bundle to the rescue!

The Seraphine London Bump Kit includes 4 fantastic essentials that will have you looking and feeling amazing in no time!

Seraphine Maternity Canada Bump Kit Toronto London Edmonton Quebec Canada

New Formal Maternity Dresses In Store & Online! October 11, 2015 14:51

I am so excited - blogging on a Sunday afternoon has to be the first clue!! We just received our new shipment of Tiffany Rose maternity party dresses and evening wear and the styles are simply gorgeous!! As one of the only stores in Canada that sells Tiffany Rose, we have to do our fair of educating... and by educating I mean stocking sexy, stunning, sophisticated, stylish maternity (and nursing) special occasion dresses.

  This one is a Luna favourite - nursing friendly and like the majority of styles we stock - totally looks great after baby is born - no bump required!

Check out the our Tiffany Rose collection HERE and check out the biggest selection of formal maternity dresses in Toronto, Canada HERE. Prepare to look and feel amazing!!