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Look 10 lbs Slimmer in 10 Minutes ~ Look & Feel Amazing Today October 14, 2018 13:27

Ladies, shapewear is not what it used to be.

Do memories of the hot, stuffed feeling have you not feeling shapewear?

Afraid the slimming comes at the price of feeling like an overheated sausage?

Yes unfortunately these awful slimming garments still do exist - but hooray shout for joy - the IT age also blessed the sewing industry with the ability to spin amazing fabrics into uber targeted garments so you don't over-heat and you can avoid sausage legs and smooshed bums!

Exercising Your Pelvic Floor the Easy & Effective Way! June 7, 2015 22:24

Any woman who has been to the doctors, read a woman's magazine, browsed a pregnancy website, or breathed oxygen has no doubt (repeatedly) been told of the importance of strong pelvic floor muscles. Most of us know they are useful to avoid leaking pee (not fun) and to avoid organ prolapse (downright scary) but of course strong pelvic floor muscles are also super important when it comes to having better sex and more orgasms. We are told to do our kegels and all will be well. READ MORE