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Best Winter Maternity Coats & Babywearing Jackets Canada October 20, 2016 00:00

Check out the best selection of winter maternity coats and babywearing jackets! Enjoy Free Shipping + Free Returns in Canada! For anyone who is pregnant or just had a baby going into winter in Canada - at some point the realization that you need a winter coat that actually zips up - becomes front and centre. How to look stylish, stay warm and not waste a bunch of money on a maternity coat that you will wear for only a short while? Adjustable (and affordable!) winter jackets for pregnancy and beyond! Hooray! Luna stocks the best quality winter coats (made in Europe and in Canada) that have smart features like removable hoods etc but that also grow with you and baby during pregnancy and will shrink down for babywearing and to become a gorgeous non-maternity coat afterwards. A top quality and stylish non-maternity coat that is. Don't settle for your husband's jacket that almost closes - now you can be sensible, save money and still zip up your coat! SHOP HERE.Babywearing Maternity Coats Canada