Spectra Breast Pump 28mm Replacement Breast Shield Flange Set


Spectra 28mm Breastshield Replacement Set is great for our spectra pumps when needing replacement parts in a set. Spectra recommends replacing your parts every 3-6 months for optimal use. If you are needing a full set of replacement parts or want to have an extra set on hand for home or work this kit is for you and your S2, S1, S9 or M1 pumps.  

If you need a smaller size, you can purchase a massager insert and it will bring your 28mm down to a 27mm size flange. 


Spectra 28mm Flange Replacement Set includes:

-28mm wide neck flange (1)
-Back flow Protector (1)
-Duckbill valve (1)
-Tubing (1)

For S2, S1, S9, and M1 pumps.