Tips for How to Play With Our Children

In SuperBaby, author Dr. Jenn Berman helps us to raise the level of play

...without taking it over. I find #5 in her "what not to do' list the hardest! 



1. Ask to join the play. "What would you like me to do?"
2. Describe what your child is doing: "I see you're putting the giraffe in the car."
3. Use effective praise: "You piled the blocks so high!"
4. Use noninvasive touch: Gently putting a hand on your child's back for a second to connect and show affection.
5. Build on your child's creative play: Is the giraffe washing his hair in the bathtub?"
1. Give instructions: "Now put the red block over here."
2. Make corrections: "Giraffes don't go in bathtubs."
3. Give commands: "Do it like this."
4. Give criticisms: "Don't be so messy."
5. Instruct & give lessons: "You drew it wrong; cars have 4 wheels not 3. Draw another wheel."
6. Use negative touch: Grabbing a child's wrist while saying, "Don't get paint on the table."
7. Interrupt: Talking over your child.
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