Maternity Leggings: A Pregnant Woman's Best Friend


One of the most common remarks we hear from women trying on clothes in our store is, "Wow! This is so comfortable!".

Yes we all love the idea of 'saving' and somehow we have it in our head that there is some award for suffering with discomfort...actually the opposite is true. We can get the unjust title of 'a complainer'!

Pregnancy already comes with its own set of discomforts - why add to them by trying to wear clothes that almost fit, kinda fit or fit as long as you don't move, breathe or bend over.

A basic pair of black maternity leggings are a pregnancy must-have. Everybody has their own idea of a perfect leggings but the Seraphine maternity legging is a best-seller for 6 basic reasons:

1. The price - we sell them for only $40.

2. The band goes up all the way over the tummy (or can be folded down). This means no annoying line in the middle of your tummy - even when you are really big - and no discomfort whatsoever.

3. They have a very slight sheen - meaning they can be worn with dressier tops and dresses as well - they don't look like sweatpants.

4. Very breathable! You can sleep in these leggings and they are perfect for pre-labour.

5. Totally opaque - even when you bend over, even in the sun, even if you had a big lunch.

6. They wash really well - no fading, no pilling - wash after wash (assuming they don't mistakenly get put in the dryer with hubby's socks!)

Remember there is no award for trudging through pregnancy, stretching out your pre-pregnancy clothes or buying one size bigger and pretending they fit everywhere else!

You deserve comfort, you deserve quality - and at $40 a pair - these are crafted with the stylish and economical woman in mind.

Check out these maternity leggings and others by clicking HERE 

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