Why Buying Cheap Maternity Clothes Doesn't Save You Money

I have always been a price-oriented shopper - the sale rack is where I start in every store. I have learned an important lesson over the years, which is - that in most cases - we get what we pay for. Nowhere is that more true than in maternity clothing. Simply because you will be washing and wearing a few core pieces again and again. I bought a pair of black maternity pants from the mall - after 2 washes they were no longer black and my butt was sagging! I ended up buying another pair and the same thing - fading, pilling and crappy fit - after only a few washes. So two pairs of black maternity pants and I still didn't have anything to wear. Did buying cheap save me money? Paying more for something I love to wear and feel fabulous in is smart - otherwise the item sits in the back of our closet - I got a great deal - but I never wear it...is that saving money?

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