Exercising Your Pelvic Floor the Easy & Effective Way!

Any woman who has been to the doctors, read a woman's magazine, browsed a pregnancy website, or breathed oxygen has no doubt (repeatedly) been told of the importance of strong pelvic floor muscles. Most of us know they are useful to avoid leaking pee (not fun) and to avoid organ prolapse (downright scary) but of course strong pelvic floor muscles are also super important when it comes to having better sex and more orgasms. We are told to do our kegels and all will be well. 

The pelvic floor muscles begin to weaken from the mid-20s onwards, then further with every child you give birth to and again after the menopause. This dulls sexual sensation for both partners. The benefits of exercises are "better circulation, increased sensitivity and improved orgasmic potential".

Fabulous, right? Unfortunately kegels can be difficult to do correctly and apparently many of us are doing them wrong. Don't believe me? Just google 'doing kegels wrong'! On top of that, kegels are only part of the puzzle and are equivalent to only doing biceps curls at the gym. Well there is serious light at the end of this doom and gloom tunnel and that is a pelvic floor exerciser. Wonderful little tool that is so darn easy and effective most women wonder why they didn't do use one sooner. 

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