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Mothers en Vogue Maternity & Nursing Bamboo 3-Piece Pyjama Set Pink/Grey

Mothers en Vogue Maternity & Nursing Bamboo 3-Piece Pyjama Set Pink/Grey

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Hello hospital bag!! You could live in this lounge and sleepwear nursing set from Mothers en Vogue. Uber comfortable and pretty 3-piece set consisting of a camisole top, matching PJ pants and a robe. 

Crafted in top quality bamboo jersey knit - this is a great breastfeeding ensemble for immediate post-delivery use, especially in hospitals or at home where mom will be having lots of visitors!

Stretchable full cups have been constructed to fit fluctuating breast size during lactation.

Drop cup nursing access: outer flap can be dropped down for access to internal soft cup frame.

95% Cotton & 5% Spandex


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Great set!

I just received this set and the fabric feels so soft and the pant waist band is really nice with stretch and no elastic band - I'm really happy about this part.
I ordered a medium and it fits great, I was concerned it might be a little small but I feel it fits perfectly at 31 weeks pregnant (was fitting a medium rather tightly pre-pregnancy).
I wish the pink tone was more vibrant, it is not beautiful on my fair skin but that is a minor detail. I would love to see some more colour options and I would be buying another set!

Bonnie de Meulles

This is a gift for my daughter. I love the material and the soft colours. I'm sure she will ove it.

Perfect lounge and hospital bag gift!

Natalie you steered me right again. En Vogue 3 piece set is so comfy and practical. Thank you