Spectra Baby S1 & S2! The Best Breast Pump Now in Canada!

Spectra Baby S1 & S2! The Best Breast Pump Now in Canada!

UPDATE 2019: Unfortunately Spectra has stopped shipping to Canada. Some customers have ordered through friends in the US. Sorry we can't be more helpful :(

Before my first was born I remember researching for hours about what was the best stroller, crib, baby monitor, change table etc - so much so that I now joke I could have done a PhD or at least my Masters in Baby Gear. Once baby was born I remember sending my husband to the store with just one directive - please buy the most expensive pump. My nipples were cracked, I was exhausted and baby was eating constantly - I needed relief and all the reviews of breast pumps that I had read left me confused and unsure...some women loved them, some women hated them - there was no clear winner. Luna has been in business for 4 years and despite specializing in nursing clothing and accessories, we had never stocked a breast pump. There was never a pump that we felt we could sell our customers with confidence - until now!  After reading hundreds of reviews on the best breast pumps and comparing the actual mechanics of the available breast pumps - we are proud to stock the Spectra Baby USA breast pump. Here are some of the features of the S1 pump. Keep in mind the S1 and the S2 are the same pump except the S1 has the rechargeable battery as well as the AC adapter.

 Backflow Protection technology protects breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses while pumping (no other pump has this technology!!)

 2 Phase Cycling with Let-Down Button provides adjustable suction and cycling in let-down and expression mode

 Customizable pump settings to mom’s own response to follow her flow and find her best settings every time

 Able to be used as a single or double breast pump

 Pump is designed to be really quiet while in use

 All components that come in touch with milk are BPA-free

 Powered by an AC Adaptor or rechargeable internal battery- lasts up to 4 hours on a charge (both included)

 LCD Display, timer and two-level lighting function

Included with the Spectra S1:

 Double Electric Breast Pump

 (2) Tubing

 (2) Backflow protectors

 (2) Duck bill valves

 (2) Collection bottles and caps

 (2) Standard 24 mm size flanges

 AC Adaptor

 Rechargeable internal battery

 Product Manual

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