Which is Better: Reusable Nursing Pads or Disposable?

Which is Better: Reusable Nursing Pads or Disposable?

There are many reasons why women use washable nursing pads as opposed to purchasing disposable ones. Ultimately the decision will be based on your individual needs but below we lay out some of the pros and cons for each.

One of the most obvious reasons women choose to use reusable nursing pads is the effect waste has on the environment.  Disposable nursing pads add to the already overflowing landfills worldwide.  Purchasing washable nursing pads mean they can be used over and over and are incredibly durable if looked after and washed well.

One of the less obvious reasons however (until you try them!) is that many kinds of washable nursing pads are made from cottons that allow the skin to breath and effectively wick moisture away from the body.  Cotton is cool, chemical free, non-allergenic, a natural fibre and feels great up against the skin.

Other than making sure you don't run out, disposable nursing pads are very convenient. One of the biggest drawbacks of disposable nursing pads is that the 'plastic' used to make them can irritate the skin and cause infection due to moisture being trapped.  Symptoms like nipple thrush can occur in the damp hot conditions they create, this is due to the lack of breathability in a disposable nursing pad.

Disposable nursing pads are also manufactured with chemicals, can be thick and non-discrete, can move around and can become very costly as you continue to purchase more as they are used.

Most of our customers find that having a good stack of washable nursing pads and a small back-up box of disposables for emergency situations is the perfect solution to the washable vs disposable nursing pad debate.



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