The Secret to Feeling Gorgeous While Pregnant

For some women, the growing body that comes with pregnancy is an exciting and glorious time. For many however, there is also a struggle to embrace 'getting bigger' ... quite understandable in our society where gaining weight is a sign of weakness. As with any weight gain (forget the fact that there is another human growing in us!) there is a tendency to dress down. This attempt to fade into the background is one of the worst things we can do for our self esteem. Ladies, let's do ourselves a favour and as we grow, let's dress up instead of dressing down. Bypass the yoga pants and baggy cardigans and find a flattering and versatile maternity dress that helps you feel fabulous. Yes you can wear a dress to the mall. Makeup and jewelry to hang with friends - why not!?! We all know that looking good is tied to feeling good - so remember - fight the frump!


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