4 Things I Wish I Did When I Was Pregnant

1. Use Tummy Butter – Not only is the (light) massaging motion awesome for moving blood to the skin’s surface – vital to preventing stretch marks – but it is also a perfect way to connect with baby. Too often we are pulled in so many directions we hardly have time to connect with our little one growing inside. Since the skin is our body’s largest organ, it is worth it to use a product with an ingredient list we can pronounce.  Not the cheapest on the market but the reviews from women everywhere sold me on the non-toxic Spoiled Mama brand.
2. Fight the Frump – Despite the many joys, in this body-obsessed world the weight gained during a pregnancy can be hard on our sense of self. Echoing the words of a gorgeous customer, as we get bigger we should dress up instead of dressing down. In the fight against ‘Feeling Frumpy’ (a serious enemy of self-esteem) the power of a versatile maternity dress and some accessories should not be underestimated.
3. Take Maternity Photos – There is no need for 3000 photos but you will be glad you took the time for maternity photos. I wanted to but I waited and then I got busy and then I felt huge and now the only photo left of myself pregnant is both frumpy and shot from the wrong angle. That’s why our favourite store promotion is the free mini-
maternity photo session and free 5x7 from BoyGirl Photography. Be inspired by these Luna Bellies
4. Get Out of the Gown – Although you will no longer technically be pregnant, please, please, please learn from my mistakes and pack something nice (and nursing-friendly) to change into after baby is born. It will do you (and baby’s first photos) a world of good.


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