Top 5 Tips for Stylish Plus-Size Maternity Clothes

We all know how closely looking good is tied to feeling good (and in many cases vice versa)...and one of the times when looking good deserves extra emphasis is during pregnancy. In our body-conscious society, getting bigger can bring stress and struggles as our body grows and changes in ways we can't control and often that we just don't like. Add to that body aches and pains, lack of sleep, crazy hormones and all sorts of other pregnancy-related 'side-effects'... the need for a 'pick-me-up' may never be greater!! Finding stylish maternity clothing in Canada, whether online or shopping in person has been known to require effort at any size (unless you shop at Luna ;) - but when looking for trendy plus size maternity clothes - it can be downright challenging. Here are the top 5 tips for buying fashionable and flattering plus size maternity clothing:

1. Shop Early. Don't wait until a few days before your special occasion or when you are busting out of your regular clothing - finding your perfect pair of plus-sized black maternity pants or plus size maternity dresses could require special ordering your size, so give yourself extra time in order to not have to settle for less than your best.

2. Focus On Plus Sized Maternity Clothing Designed For Pregnancy & Beyond. Nobody wants to spend money on disposable wardrobe and we know buying cheap won't save you money (and definitely will not help you look and feel amazing!) so focus your efforts and your budget on pregnancy fashion that will grow and shrink with you. 

3. Highlight Your Assets However Realize They May Have Changed. We have seen many women in store who shy away from empire waisted maternity tops and dresses because they have always attempted to conceal a less than perfectly flat stomach. Hooray! The upside to pregnancy - your tummy is not supposed to be flat!! The key here is to have an open mind when shopping while pregnant - go ahead and try on those maternity skinny jeans! 

4. Fight the Frump. Don't Settle. Further to point #2, it is much better to buy a few quality maternity items that really look great, flatter your shape and stand up to constant wash and wear - than to buy a bunch of cheap maternity clothes that you never feel fantastic in. They may not look bad but that doesn't mean they look great, especially after they start to sag, bag, fade and pill after a few washes. As a wise customer once reminded me (while I was 8 months pregnant in my baggy jeans and birkenstock sandals) "When we get bigger we should dress up - not down". Simply put, fight the urge to settle for non-maternity tops that almost cover your belly or baggy clothes that leave you hiding from the world and yourself. 

5. Shop Luna For High Quality Designer Plus Size Maternity Clothes Online Or In Store. Come on! We couldn't resist and when you browse our plus sized maternity selection you won't be able to resist either!! ;)

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