Looking to Buy Maternity Jeans? Use This Maternity Jeans Buyers Guide.

Looking to Buy Maternity Jeans? Use This Maternity Jeans Buyers Guide.

Every pregnant woman will eventually want to buy maternity jeans, but how do you pick out the perfect pair of jeans that fit well and look amazing? There are maternity jeans that look great but they are uncomfortable, some that are very comfortable but you wouldn’t want to be caught in public wearing them, and then there are those that combine comfort and style. So, how do you make sure that you buy the latter pair? Well, thankfully you are on our blog, because all of the maternity jeans that we stock are designed to be worn all day comfortably while allowing you to still rock stylish jeans.

One of the first things you will have to take into consideration when selecting a pair of maternity jeans is the waistband style. There are two main styles, which include the under bump and over bump. We will explain both one so you can identify the maternity jean style that best suits your needs.

Under Bump Maternity Jeans

Under bump maternity jeans do exactly what it sounds like they do; they lay low on your waist and hug right under your baby bump. 

The under bump maternity jeans should fit snug while still providing a great deal of elasticity, because you want them to stay up and not slide down. 

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Over Bump Maternity Jeans

Over the bump maternity jeans will lay higher up on your waist and they feature comfortable material that sits against your tummy to prevent irritation. Many pregnant women prefer this style because they feel the soft material provides them with additional support.

Some women assume that this style can’t be sexy, but our entire line of maternity jeans are the most comfortable as well as sexy pairs of jeans that you will find. We understand how important it is to continue feeling beautiful while you advance through your pregnancy, and our sexy maternity jeans allow you to feel just that!

While the under bump suit certain body types, the over the bump style are preferred by the majority of women. Bending over or reaching up will not expose your stomach when wearing a pair of over bump maternity jeans.

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Tips to Help You Buy Maternity Jeans Online

It is so convenient to buy maternity jeans online, so we have put together a list of tips to help you buy the perfect pair of maternity jeans online. 

  • Maternity jeans are designed around baby bumps and your changing body, so there is no need to buy larger sizes. Many women assume they have to purchase larger sizes, but the changes your body will go through are taken into consideration and you should purchase your regular sizing. The only instance that would call for a larger size is if you were expecting twins. If you ever have specific sizing questions don’t hesitate to give us a call at 905-508-5862 or shoot us an email at info@lunamaternity.com.

  • Our styles of maternity jeans combined with our extensive inventory of maternity tops and dresses gives you endless possibilities of beautiful and sexy outfits. Don’t be afraid to shop for style in mind just as you would for regular clothes! Maternity clothes don’t have to be frumpy and boring, and you will notice this after one look at our inventory of sexy maternity clothes!

  • You get what you pay for when it comes to maternity clothes. Cheap clothes will often be made out of uncomfortable material and wear quickly. Your pregnancy is 9 months and you want to make sure that you are extremely comfortable throughout the process, so purchase maternity clothes that will offer the best comfort and will flatter your body - these are the ones that you will reach for time and time again.

Our maternity jeans selection is premium quality and features the best in fit, function and adjustability. You can check out each pair of jeans that we carry to read about their special fit and adjustment features.

All of the maternity clothes that you see on our website are currently in stock and available for immediate shipping. All orders over $100 qualify for free shipping as well.




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