Fight the Frump! You Deserve the Best!

Fight the Frump! You Deserve the Best!

For some women the growing body that comes with pregnancy is an exciting and glorious time.

For many however, there is also a struggle to embrace 'getting bigger' ... quite understandable in our society where gaining weight can feel like a sign of weakness.

When we are not feeling our best, there can be a tendency to dress down, wear baggy clothes and essentially try to fade into the background. 

This is one of the worst things we can do for our self esteem.

As we get bigger, let's do ourselves a favour and dress up instead of dressing down.

We all know how much looking good is tied to feeling good.

So go ahead - put a pretty scarf around your neck. 

Wear dresses (comfortable and flattering).

Eyeliner and lipstick in just for no reason.

Your good jewelry to hang with friends and relatives.

Distract with cleavage (my fave).

Fight the frump - celebrate your glorious being (take it easy on the self criticism) and enjoy looking and feeling amazing - even have a fashion moment - with flattering cuts, quality fabrics and stylish solutions for one of life's greatest adventures.


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