Shopping for Pregnancy - Stylish Solutions for Life's Greatest Adventure

Shopping for Pregnancy - Stylish Solutions for Life's Greatest Adventure

Whether it is your first or your fourth, pregnancy is a special time and a little planning goes a long way. Here are 5 tips for shopping for maternity clothing that will help you look and feel amazing. 

#1. Think ahead. One day you pop and you frantically have to buy whatever you can find because doing up your pants is not an option. Quality maternity clothing will grow with you so you can avoid this by shopping before you need the clothing.

#2. Layers are your friend. Depending where you live, there is a good chance you will be pregnant through different seasons. Check out a chic shawl from Seraphine and the Make my Belly Fit jacket adapter kit

#3. Fight the Frump. There is a tendency to dress down when we aren't feeling at our best - but sometimes the perfect antidote to the blahs is having a cute outfit that gives us a boost. And with the changing bodies we deal with during pregnancy and post-partum this is doubly true. Buy the pretty dress, treat yourself to a pajama set, add the scarf and dangly earrings - dress up, not down!

#4. Try new shapes. Perhaps pre-pregnancy you would not have felt comfortable in a fitted dress, or drawing attention to your tummy - but remember - you have a new body, so try the bodycon dress or the tunic and tights.

#5. It's not you - it's your undies. While fitted maternity wear is often more flattering - consider maternity shaper shorts for a seamless silhouette. Especially with jersey fabrics, at the very least, make sure your undies accommodate your growing reality to avoid the too small undies causing lumps and bumps.

#6. Book a photo shoot. You are tired, you are nauseous - your body is doing weird and wonderful things - and while a photo shoot is quite possibly the last thing on your mind, taking some time to be intentional with photos will help you remember this precious journey. 

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